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Contact person: wang qunyan
Fax: 0755-27815500
QQ: 1575277634
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Address: Building a 2, Huafeng Zhigu, Hangcheng Street, Bao ‘an district, Shenzhen City

Recruitment information

Job responsibilities: 
1. Develop new customers through the resources and resources the company has accumulated 
2. Visit customers regularly, maintain old customers, and develop new customers 
3. Understand the market information, and communicate with the company‘s professional market analysis to the customer, and guide the customer to operate in gold 
4. Timely collect and process customer feedback and maintain customer relationship 
5. Completed the performance indicators specified by the company 
Typing on a computer 
2. Strong verbal and logical skills, strong communication skills and communication skills 
3. Be patient and amiable and have strong customer service awareness 
4. Have team spirit and obey the leadership arrangement 
Relevant working experience is preferred 
Promotion channel: 
Account manager - sales manager - sales manager - sales director